Relaxation Music by Multi Award Winning Composer

Sanat (Raymond.G.)Oliver

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International award-winning composer Sanat (Raymond.G) Oliver, has performed his skilled Guitar work over many years, in many genres, including Jazz, Big Band, Easy Listening, Rock 'n' Roll, and in recent years, producing many albums of glorious relaxation compositions in his studio 'Heaven on Earth Music'. His albums include the self-titled 'Heaven on Earth' ("a journey of love and relaxation combined with the powers of Nature and the Universe, to create a beautiful ambience that will soothe away even the most stressful of days"), 'Venus', 'World Peace Australia', and singles including 'Australian Thunderstorm', 'The Calling', 'Dreaming' and the beloved 'Angels of the Sea' about the Whales, which features the haunting sounds of the Southern Humpback Whale.

In the midst of today's hustle and bustle of life it has become essential to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day or even during the day.

Relaxation Music is a proven way of relaxing the mental and physical and spiritual bodies thereby relieving stress and anxiety. Relaxation Music is entirely suitable for Therapists (both Medical and Homeopathic) , for businesses (corporate and small business) , Massage and Reiki therapists , airline audio content on board aircraft , Spa's and Residential Homes , Hospices and more. There is no limit to it's therapeutic qualities and uses.